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Frequently Asked Questions


How will the charge appear on my credit card?
Your statement will show a charge from, our authorized payment processor which will contain your purchase details. is a secure and reliable company which processes all of our payments.

Will I receive a purchase confirmation?
Yes. You will receive an email from which will contain your login information and receipt/order number. Each time you submit your payment to, you will receive an email from them containing your receipt/order number. You can retrieve your receipt/order number by simply referring back to the email from, or by going to the "My Account" link in the member's area of our site. The order number will be displayed in the Order History section.

Billing Inquiries
If you have any questions regarding your statement or billing issues, please send an email to and we will reply within 24 business hours.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by:
1. Sending an email to:, or
2. Clicking on the Help link in the member's area, or
3. Referring back to the email from

All of our transactions are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our service for any reason, you can cancel your subscription and request a full 30 day refund. If you have any questions or service related issues with this site, please send an email to


Does provide hard copies of my report searches? does not provide hard copies of reports. Our information is provided online only. Since all search results are displayed electronically you have the option to download and print reports after a search is made. Your reports will also be saved in your "Search History" for 60 days. Login to the member's area to see your saved searches.


How does a search affect my privacy? was designed to allow a person to instantly search nationwide for background records, criminal history and public records including all background information for any citizen of the United States through our premier public and private data feed system. is not a consumer reporting agency as based on the
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). All searches are subject to terms of use and applicable law. Information contained herein is derived from records that may have errors and/or may not always be accurate or complete. Information in our databases has not been collected in whole or in part for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports, as defined by the FCRA. Website information cannot be used to: (a) establish an individual's eligibility for personal credit or insurance; (b) assess risks associated with existing consumer credit obligations, (c) evaluate an individual for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention (including employment of household workers such as nannies, housekeepers, or contractors), or (c) in conjunction with assessing the merits of entering into any other personal business transaction with another individual. Please see our Privacy Policy for full disclosure of terms.

What is the FOIA?
U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is legislation comprised of laws that guarantee access to data held by the state. They establish a "right-to-know" legal process by which requests may be made for government-held information, to be received freely or at minimal cost, barring standard exceptions. Often referred to as open records or, in the United States, sunshine laws, governments are also typically bound by a duty to publish and promote openness. In many countries there are constitutional guarantees for the right of access to this information.


Types of Information Found in a Data Search has been established for consumers to search public records online discretely and confidentially. We service the United States of America only. Our data is restricted to current or previous U.S. Citizens with records up to a 20 year history. Search results can include background checks, public records, divorce/marriage records, current and previous addresses, property records, employment history, criminal history, outstanding warrants, delinquent child support, and more.

Acceptable Use Policy and Terms
By using, you certify that you will use any information obtained for lawfully acceptable purposes only. Please be advised that it is against the law to use the information obtained from this site to stalk or harass others. Search requests on public officials, juveniles, and/or celebrities are strictly prohibited. Users who request information under false pretenses or use data obtained from this site in contravention of the law may be subject to civil and criminal penalties. Information contained herein is derived from records pulled from public databases. While we strive to bring you the most updated records, can not completely guarantee the accuracy of the information obtained from our sources.


Data Accuracy and Coverage is a provider of information gathered from public record data sources. All materials and information available through our site is provided "as is" and "as available" and without warranties of any kind, express or implied. disclaims any responsibility for any warranties, sales, purchases, financing or other types of transactions involving products and services on which our services provide information.

How Accurate is's data?
Data pulled from searches on our site is derived from outside vendors. and it's vendors strive to provide you with the highest quality and most current information available. While our data is updated daily, can not ensure the accuracy of your search. The use of our services is solely at your own discretion. Please see the warranty section in our Terms of Use page for more information.


Available Searches
As a member of, you will have access to all background information available on any person you choose to search in the United States, which can include the following: Arrest/Warrant Search, Background Check, Birth Records Search, Business Search, Criminal Records Search, Death Records Search, Inmate Search, Marriage/Divorce Records Search, Neighborhood Check, Current and Previous Addresses, Property Records, Public Records, and much more.

No Results Found
There are many reasons for not finding a record while conducting a search on our site. The most common reasons are:

1. The record has been expunged or removed from public access.

2. The search criteria entered into our search form may not match the data available within our database. Verify that the information entered in the search form is accurate and up to date. Make sure names are spelled correctly since that can yield inaccurate results or a no hit. Please check your spelling and try your search again.

3. Our data includes over 2 billion records. While we cover most of the United States, not all counties are included.

4. Due to federal and state laws certain data may not be available for public access.

5. The person is not a U.S. citizen.

6. The record could be too recent or too old. Recent records may not be updated in our system yet, while older records may not be available any longer. Our database goes back 20 years. Records older than that may not show up on a search.

Search Support
If you are having trouble finding the records you need from our site, we have search specialists to assist you. All you have to do is send an email to with your request. In order for our search specialist to pull the correct records for you, the following information is necessary to run an accurate background report. Please provide:

First name
Last name
Address (If you have)

Once we receive your request, a search specialist will run a search based on the criteria you provided and send you the results.

Can I have my name removed from the database?
To have your name removed from our database please follow this link.